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As one of the most popular compact cars in America since its inception in 1973, the Honda Civic is a model for consistency. Combining great styling and exceptional fuel economy, the Honda Civic is a smart choice for drivers who want reliability at an affordable price. If you?re a Honda Civic driver, keep the smart decisions going by outfitting your vehicle with Bridgestone tires today.

Choosing Bridgestone will help you increase the performance of your Honda Civic tires. We have the technologies and tires to meet your needs, whatever they may be. If you?re looking for an ultra-quiet, smooth ride the Turanza Serenity Plus might be the perfect choice for your Honda Civic tires. If fuel economy is important to you then the Ecopia EP422 (ECO) is the right tire to help you achieve lower rolling resistance for better gas mileage. And for those who want a tire that provides responsive handling and pinpoint control then the Potenza S-04 is your ideal tire.

If you want the best from your Honda Civic tires, Bridgestone has the performance technologies to satisfy your needs. Check out our technologies in our Performance, or use our Tire Advisor to find the perfect set of tires for your Honda Civic.

Choose Bridgestone to help increase the performance of your Honda Civic tires.

Honda Civic

Check out the tires that fit your Honda Civic.

  • Potenza Potenza tires deliver ultimate handling and response, allowing you to take sharp turns with maximum precision. See All Potenza Tires
  • Turanza Turanza tires absorb road noise and provide a smooth, quiet and reliable ride in both wet and dry conditions. See All Turanza Tires
  • Ecopia Ecopia tires are engineered with less rolling resistance, making any car more fuel-efficient. See All Ecopia Tires
  • Blizzak Blizzak tires bite into snow and ice, giving you increased confidence in winter?s worst conditions. See All Blizzak Tires

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