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Potenza performance tires deliver a thrilling ride for drivers who want the most out of their sports car or performance vehicle. They are engineered for speed and deliver better control, responsiveness, and improved handling. Potenza tires live up to their reputation for withstanding high pressure while delivering an exciting ride. This lineup exceeds expectations with the ultra-high performance Potenza 970AS Pole Position, which blends enhanced handling with all season traction. The Potenza RE-11A performance tire brings the precision and control of the racetrack to everyday driving without sacrificing performance or wear life. Check out our full lineup of performance, high performance, and ultra-high performance tires here.

Complex driving machines demand high performance that pushes the laws of physics and engineering. The finely tuned tread patterns of Potenza tires deliver better grip and cornering capabilities, while maintaining stability at high speeds. Improved rubber compounds allow for improved durability, which means achieving a longer wear life. Potenza high performance and ultra-high performance tires provide improved grip and enhanced steering response. Premier tires in the Potenza lineup are designated Pole Position, which means better performance for an exciting ride.

If you want to maximize the capabilities of your sports car or performance vehicle, Potenza has the technologies to satisfy your need for speed. Check out more Potenza technologies in our Performance section, or use our Tire Advisor to find the Potenza that best fits your vehicle.

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Bridgestone is indelibly linked to performance tires through its Potenza range. – Greg Emmerson, Eurotuner

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Potenza S-04 Pole Position

Starting At
$ 174.99
Summer | Performance

Redefine your image of ultra-high performance with the Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position tire. Drawing on vast experience in premier motorsports and partnerships with some of the world's finest automakers, the Potenza S-04 Pole Position will help you unleash your high-performance vehicle's full potential. A silica-rich performance compound molded into an advanced asymmetric tread pattern delivers confident wet and dry performance. The continuous interlocking center rib and large stiff outer shoulder blocks contribute to enhanced responsiveness and cornering. Try a set and feel the rush.


Potenza RE970AS Pole Position

Starting At
$ 152.99
All Season | Performance

Enjoy a new level of confidence with the Bridgestone Potenza™ RE970AS Pole Position™. With this tire, Bridgestone delivers an ideal blend of ultra-high performance handling with the added benefits of enhanced wear and all-season traction. Thanks to advanced technologies, including a silica-rich performance compound, "stealth" tread elements and 3D siping, this tire will help you take the road by storm.


Potenza RE760 Sport

Starting At
$ 126.99
Summer | Performance

Finally, a tire that lets drivers in any car, on any road, maximize their driving pleasure. The moment you shift gears and turn the wheel, the RE760 Sport goes into action, giving you quick response and precision control. You'll be impressed by the powerful grip and stability in both wet and dry conditions. Combine this exhilarating performance with a tread pattern optimized to reduce noise, and you might become addicted to the road.


Potenza RE-11

Starting At
$ 153.99
Summer | Performance

Designed with the performance enthusiast in mind, the Potenza RE-11 brings together many of Bridgestone's technologies in one impressive package. With a unique new sidewall shape and radical new "stealth" block derived from our Formula One (TM) race tires, the new Potenza RE-11 boasts the significant level of grip and handling for the street and track - and it will ignite your adrenaline in the process.

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