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Some see a blizzard.
We see a snow day.

Blizzak tires bite into snow and ice, giving you increased confidence in winter’s worst conditions.

When the temperature drops and winter driving conditions are at their worst, feel confident driving on Blizzak winter tires. Snow, ice, and frozen roads present dangerous driving conditions that your summer and all season tires aren’t designed to handle. Our snow tires are specially engineered with unique tread patterns, deeper tread depth, and snow and ice technologies that will arm your vehicle for unexpected hazards. Explore our entire line of Blizzak winter tires here.

When our winter tires encounter snow and ice, our Multi-Cell compound removes a thin layer of surface water to improve grip using millions of microscopic pores. This compound also allows the tire to remain flexible in freezing temperatures, improving traction and available grip. High sipe density of our snow tires improves traction in the wet, snow, and ice by increasing the number of biting edges.

Some see a blizzard, we see a snow day. Suit up for snow and ice with our Blizzak snow tires. Check out more Blizzak technologies in our Performance section, or use our Tire Advisor to find the Blizzak that best fits your vehicle.

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These tires grip to snow covered roads as if they were dry pavement. The confidence provided when braking is unmatched by any other winter tire I have driven on.-Customer, Alaska

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Popular Blizzak Tires

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Blizzak WS70

Starting At
$ 170.10
Winter | Winter

With it's new Multi-cell Compound and advanced 3-D Sipe technology, the Bridgestone Blizzak™ WS70™ delivers improved snow and slush performance, and is a reliable ride in icy conditions. It's a tire that will help get you to your destination-regardless of the weather forecast.


Blizzak LM-60

Starting At
$ 310.80
Winter | Winter

The LM-60 is designed for performance vehicles to get you through wintry conditions while delivering the solid performance your vehicle demands on dry roads. It provides versatility - performing in wet, icy, snow and dry conditions.


Blizzak W965

Starting At
$ 277.20
Winter | Winter

Come snow or ice, the Blizzak W965 with UNI-T is built for business as usual, to keep commercial light trucks and vans on the move in winter weather. The combination of UNI-T technology and special tread blocks deliver sure-footed traction so you can count on meeting your schedule.


Blizzak WS60

Starting At
$ 145.60
Winter | Winter

No studs needed. This latest edition of the "Winter Biter" tire by Blizzak gives you confidence in traction when it freezes and security in braking when it melts. Exclusive multiple Bridgestone technologies work together with the added reinforcement of RC polymer to further enhance grip in severe ice and snow conditions.

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  • Blizzak WS70+ W

    This tire provides improved snow and slush performance as well as a reliable ride in icy conditions.

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    Winter Performance

    Check out the technologies that make Blizzak tires a leader in winter driving performance.

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