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What Will $25,000
Do for a Community?

Vote now April 1 — 30.

Bridgestone is dedicated to game-changing performance and innovation, and we want to help communities do the same. Vote once a day to support your favorite community improvement
project. See official rules and FAQ for details.


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April 1 — April 30

Top 12 Finalists announced and voting begins. The finalist that generates the most votes wins $25,000 in funding for their project, and All Finalists will receive a grant of at least $2,500.



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Winners are announced after voting ends. Good luck to all our finalists.
Grand Prize $25,000
1st Prize $15,000
2nd Prize $10,000
And thousands more for runners-up.
See official rules and FAQ for details

Last Year's Winner: Waterloo Elementary

Previous Winner

Waterloo will be forever thankful to our community and to Bridgestone Tires for making this initial groundbreaking event a reality.

— Sonya Marlow, PTO President

New Playground is a Game-Changer
for Waterloo Elementary!

In 2014, Bridgestone presented a check for $25,000 to Monroe,
Michigan's Waterloo Elementary School. As winner of the 2014 Fuel the
Cause contest, the school used the grant to transform a deteriorating
and unsafe play space into a revamped playground for Waterloo
students and the surrounding community.

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